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Albert Einstein Quotes --3

“Let me tell you what I look like: pale face, long hair, and a tiny start of a paunch. In addition, an awkward gait, and a cigar in the mouth . . . and a pen in pocket or hand. . . .”—Albert Einstein --- To Elisabeth Ney, September 30, 1920. AEA 42-545

“My mother has died. . . . We are all completely exhausted. One feels in one’s bones the significance of blood ties.”—Albert Einstein --- To Heinrich Zangger, March 1920, AEA 39-732

“When a blind beetle crawls over the surface of a curved branch, it doesn’t notice that the track it has covered is indeed curved. I was lucky enough to notice what the beetle didn’t notice.”—Albert Einstein --- From a letter to his son Eduard, 1922

“I am an artist’s model”—Albert Einstein --- Quoted by H. Samuel , October 1930. AEA 21-006

“A hundred times a day I remind myself that my inner and outer lives are based on the labors of other people, living and dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and am still receiving.”—Albert Einstein --- From “The World As I See It” (1930), reprinted in Ideas and Opinions, 8 .

“I have not eaten enough of the Tree of Knowledge, though in my profession I am obliged to feed on it regularly.”—Albert Einstein --- To Max Born, November 9,1919. AEA 8-142

“Although I tried to be universal in thought, I am European by instinct and inclination.”—Albert Einstein ---Quoted in Daily Express ( London), September 11,1933.

“That little word ‘WE’ I mistrust and here’s why:No man of another can say “He is I”.Behind all agreement lies something amissAll seeming accord cloaks a lurking abyss.”—Albert Einstein --- Quoted in Dukas and Hoffmann, AE: The Human Side, 100

“Personally, I experience the greatest degree of pleasure in having contact with works of art. They furnish me with happy feelings of an intensity that I cannot derive from other sources.”—Albert Einstein --- Quoted by Moszkowski in Conversations with Einstein, 184

“Israel is the only place on earth where Jews have the possibility to shape public life according to their own traditional ideals.”—Albert Einstein ---From address, September 19,1954. AEA 28-1054

“There is only one road to human greatness: through the school of hard knocks.”—Albert Einstein --- From Why I remain a Negro, October 1947. AEA 59-009

“Now to the term ‘relativity theory.’ I admit that it is unfortunate, and has given occasion to philosophical misunderstandings.”—Albert Einstein --- To E. Zschimmer, September 30,1921.

“An hour sitting with a pretty girl on a park bench passes like a minute, but a minute sitting on a hot stove seems like an hour.”Quoted by Helen Dukas in Sayen, Einstein in America, 130.

“All of science is nothing more than the refinement of everyday thinking.”—Albert Einstein --- From 

“Physics and Reality” (1936). Reprinted in Ideas and Opinions, 290

“Although I am a typical loner in my daily life, my awareness of belonging to the invisible community of those who strive for truth, beauty, and justice has prevented me from feelings of isolation.”—Albert Einstein --- From “My Credo” 1932. AEA 28-218

“I cannot write in English, because of the treacherous spelling. When I am reading, I only hear it and am unable to remember what the written word looks like.”—Albert Einstein --- To Max Born, September 7,1944. AEA 8-207

“Fear or stupidity has always been the basis of most human actions.”—Albert Einstein --- To E. Mulder, April 1954. AEA 60-609

“I have remained a simple fellow who asks nothing of the world; only my youth is gone—the enchanting youth that forever walks on air.”—Albert Einstein-To Anna Meyer-Schmid,May12, 1909.

“Freedom of teaching and of opinion in book or press is the foundation for the sound and natural development of any people.”—Albert Einstein --- From “At a gathering for freedom of opinion” (1936). Reprinted in Einstein: Essays in Humanism, 50

“We must . . . dedicate our lives to drying up the source of war: ammunition factories.”—Albert Einstein --- Published in Pictoral Review, February 1933. Quoted in R.W. Clark, Einstein: The Life and Times

“Politics is a pendulum whose swings between anarchy and tyranny are fueled by perennially rejuvenated illusions.”—Albert Einstein --- Aphorism, AEA 28-388

“The idea of a personal God is quite alien to me and seems even naïve.”—Albert Einstein --- To Beatrice Frohlich, December 17, 1952. AEA59-797

“Strange is our situation here on earth. Each of us comes for a short visit, not knowing why, yet sometimes seeming to divine a purpose.”—Albert Einstein --- From “My Credo”, 1932. AEA 28-218

“I would absolutely refuse any direct or indirect war service and would try to persuade my friends to do the same, regardless of the reasons for the cause of a war.”—Albert Einstein --- From Die Friedensbewegung, ed., Kurt Lenz and Walter Fabian (1922)

“I do not play games. . . . There is not time for it. When I get through with work, I don’t want anything that requires the working of the mind.”—Albert Einstein ---Quoted in New York Times, March 28, 1936, 34:2

“He who has never been deceived by a lie does not know the meaning of bliss.”—Albert Einstein --- To Elsa Löwenthal, April 30,1912, CPAE, Vol.5, Doc. 389

“Even the scholars in various lands have been acting as if their brains had been amputated.”—Albert Einstein --- To Romain Rolland, March 22, 1915. AEA 33-002

“I myself should also be dead already, but I am still here.”—Albert Einstein --- To E. Schaerer-Meyer, July 27,1951. AEA 60-525

“Every reminiscence is colored by the way things are today, and therefore by a delusive point of view.”—Albert Einstein ---From “Autobiographical Notes” in Schilpp, Einstein: Philosopher-Scientist (1949), 3

“It is easier to denature plutonium than to denature the evil spirit of man.”—Albert Einstein --- From an interview June 23, 1946. Reprinted in Einstein on Peace, 385

“Mere unbelief in a personal God is no philosophy at all.”—Albert Einstein --- To V.T. Aaltonen, May 7, 1952. AEA 59-059

“The more one chases the quanta, the better they hide themselves.”—Albert Einstein --- To Paul Ehrenfest, July 12, 1924. AEA 10-089

“Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty.”—Albert Einstein --- From “ Education for Independent Thought” (1952). Reprinted in Ideas and Opinions, 67. AEA 60-723

“It is not so important where one settles down. The best thing is to follow your instincts without too much reflection.”—Albert Einstein --- To Max Born, March 3,1920. AEA 8-146

“The grand aim of all science is to cover the greatest number of empirical fats by logical deduction from the smallest number of hypotheses or axioms.”—Albert Einstein ---Quoted in Life Magazine, January 9,1950.

“You must be aware that most men (and also not only a few women) are by nature not monogamous. This nature makes itself even more forceful when tradition and circumstance stand in an individual’s way.”—Albert Einstein --- To Dr. Eugenie Anderman, June 2, 1953. AEA 59-097

“The value of an education in a liberal arts college is not the learning of many facts, but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks.”—Albert Einstein --- Quoted in P. Frank, Einstein: His Life and Times, 185

“I am very happy with my new home in friendly America and in the liberal atmosphere of Princeton.”—Albert Einstein ---Quoted in “Survey Graphic”, 24 (August 1935) 384,413

“I know what it’s like to see one’s mother go through the agony of death and be unable to help; there is no consolation. We all have to bear such heavy burdens, for they are unalterably linked to life.”—Albert Einstein --- To Hedwig Born, June 18, 1920. AEA 8-257

“When I was young, all I wanted and expected from life was to sit quietly in some corner doing my work without the public paying attention to me. And now see what has become of me.”—Albert Einstein --- Quoted in Hoffmann, Albert Einstein: Creator and Rebel, 4

“The goal of pacifism is possible only though a supranational organization. To stand unconditionally for this cause is . . . the criterion of true pacifism.”—Albert Einstein --- To A. Morrisett, March 21,1952. AEA 60-595

“The trite objects of human efforts—possessions, superficial success, luxury—have always seemed contemptible to me.”—Albert Einstein --- From, “The World As I See It” (1930), reprinted in Ideas and Opinions, 9.

“I was originally supposed to become an engineer, but the thought of having to expend my creative energy on things that make practical everyday life even more refined, with a loathsome capital gain as the goal, was unbearable to me.”—Albert Einstein --- To Heinrich Zangger, 1918. CPAE Vol 8, Doc. 597

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