Tuesday, March 17, 2009

World’s Longest & Smallest

World’s Longest::
World’s largest novel was published in France from 1913 to 1927. By this time 7 volumes were published in Remembrance of Things Past written by Marcel Praust. This is the longest written novel in this world up to now. Its total words are 15 million.

World’s Smallest::
In 1930 Leonidas, in Brazil, tried to make a revolution in the arena of newspaper. To create a gangbang he tried to publish an unbelievable small paper named Vosa Senoria. 1.75 x 3.94 inches newspaper made huge response in South America. In 1985 his daughter took charge of this paper. She then reduced the size of his father’s newspaper to 0.98 x 1.38 inches. Generally this newspaper contains 16 pages. Its publicity is 5000.

World’s Smallest Stamp::
World’s smallest stamp was introduced in the Boliva province, Columbia. 8mm x 9.55mm
(0.315 x 0.376 inch) sizes this stamp’s name Boliver Green. Its price was 10 cents and it was first introduced in 1863.

Most Valuable Book::
In 1188 Gospels of Henry the Lion was written. Gospels of Henry the Lion was written according to the direction of the Emperor of Brongewik, Henry and his wife Methildy. It was mainly Henry’s political ambitious. This book was sold by 12 million US Dollar in an auction in 1983.

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